Banking Ombudsman Scheme

Banking Ombudsman

BAnking ombudsman scheme (1)Having a complaint with your bank? Banking Ombudsman is there to help you.

  • As a customer, if you have any complaint against your bank, the first step is to contact the bank itself and register a complaint
  • However, if you are not satisfied with your bank’s response, then you can approach the banking ombudsman with your complaint

The banking ombudsman scheme enables bank customer for filling of complaints related to the certain service provided by banks. Any complaints mentioned below is valid to file a complaint against the bank by a customer.

(a) Non-payment / delay in the payment or collection of cheques, drafts, bills etc.
(b) Non-acceptance, without sufficient cause, of small denomination notes & coins tendered for any purpose, and for charging of commission to do so.
(c) Refusal to work in prescribed working hours
(d) Failure to provide/delay to provide a banking facility (other than loans and advances) promised by a bank
(e) Refusal to open a bank account without any valid reason for refusal
(f) Levying of charges without adequate prior notice to the customer.
(g) Not giving support in case of ATM-related complaint
i. Account debited but cash not dispensed by ATM
ii. Account debited more than once for one withdrawal in ATM or for POS transaction
iii. Less/Excess amount of cash dispensed by ATM
iv. Use of stolen cards

Key Points

Banking Ombudsman Scheme opened under Section 35-A of the Banking Regulation Act. 1949 that come into effect in 1995

  • The revised scheme came into effect from January 1, 2006, hence we call it as Banking ombudsman scheme 2006
  • Banking Ombudsman is a senior official appointed by RBI
  • 20 Banking Ombudsman is working in India
  • Banking ombudsman doesn’t charge any fees
  • Maximum compensation of 10 lakh
  • If one is not satisfied with the decision passed by banking ombudsman one can approach the appellate authority

If the complaint is not settled by an agreement with a period of one-month banking ombudsman proceeds further to pass a reward

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How to register a complaint against your bank with the banking ombudsman

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