Important Ports in India

Ports in India

Important Ports in India

A Port is a maritime facility where ships may dock to load and unload passengers and cargo. India with a total coastline of 7516.6 km has 12 Major Ports. Please look at the image above and imagine the ports name with the capital letter “V“. Remember all the 12 Important ports of India starting with Kandla Port to Kolkata Port.

Checkout features of 12 major ports of our country.

Kandla Port:

  • Well known as Deendayal Port and Kandla Port
  • It is located in Kutch District, Gujarat.
  • It was constructed in the 1950s as the chief port for western India.
  • One of the busiest major port of India.
  • This port mainly handles crude oil imports.

Mumbai Port Trust

  • This port lies on the country’s west coast in Maharashtra.
  • It is administered by the government-owned Mumbai Port Trust.
  • It primarily handles petroleum products and Crude along with liquid chemicals.

Jawaharlal Nehru Port (JNPT):

  • Located in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, this is the country’s largest container port.
  • Most of its cargo traffic comes from states like Karnataka, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Maharashtra.
  • It carries out the export of carpets, boneless meat, sporting goods, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, textile machinery and textiles.
  • Major imports include vegetable oils, electrical machinery, plastics, machinery, chemicals, a few non-ferrous metals like aluminium and more.

Mormugao Port Trust

  • Lies on the western coast of India, located in Goa.
  • A leading port for exporting iron ore.
  • It is also a major exporter of pharmaceutical products, pig iron, iron casting, liquor and frozen fish.
  • Its main imports are steel turning, potassium carbonate, shredded scrap and heavy melting scrap.

New Mangalore Port

  • This port is an all-weather and deep-water port
  • It is located in Mangaluru, Karnataka.
  • Established in 1974
  • It is operated by New Mangaluru Port Trust (NMPT).
  • The major exports of this port are cashew, coffee, granite stones, manganese, iron ore fines, iron ore concentrates and pellets.
  • Major imports include finished fertilisers, timber logs, wood pulp, LPG, crude, petroleum products and liquid chemicals like phosphoric acid, liquid ammonia etc.

Kochi Port

  • It is located in Kochi city on the sea-route of Arabian Sea – Laccadive Sea – Indian Ocean.
  • It  is also one of the largest ports in India.
  • It is operated by government-established Cochin Port Trust (CPT).

Tuticorin Port Trust

  • It is also known as V.O.Chidambaranar Port.
  • It is located in Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu.
  • It mainly deals with commodities like iron ore, timber logs, fertiliser, copper concentrate and industrial coal.
  • The major exports are limonite ore, granite, sugar, liquid cargoes, building materials and general cargo.
  • The major imports are edible oils, petroleum coke, petroleum products, rock phosphate, raw fertiliser materials, fertilisers, cement and coal.

Chennai Port

  • Opened in 1881, this port is also one of the oldest ones in India.
  • For FY 2016-17, it handled 50.21 million tonnes of cargo.
  • It mainly handles commodities like petroleum products, fertilisers, coal, granite, and iron ore.
  • Its major exports are cotton textiles, leather, and iron ore.
  • The major imports include iron & steel, machinery, raw cotton and wheat.

Ennore Port

  • Well known as Kamarajar Port,
  • It is located on the Coromandel Coast, Chennai.
  • Established in 2001,
  • It handles rock mineral products, chemical, LPG, project cargo, automobiles and thermal coal.


  • This is the only major port located in Andhra Pradesh.
  • In FY 2016-17, it carried out cargo handling of 61.02 million tonnes.
  • Opened in December 1933, it is owned by Ministry of Shipping, Government of India.
  • It mainly handles commodities such as crude oil, coal,  general cargo, steel products, manganese ore and iron ore.

Paradip Port:

  • Paradip Port is a deep-water and natural port
  • It is located in Jagatsinghpur district, Odisha.
  • It is administered by the government-owned Paradip Port Trust (PPT).

Port of Kolkata

  • Established in 1870,
  • It is the oldest port of India.
  • British East India Company constructed it to have it as a premier port in British India.
  • It deals with petroleum products, fertilisers, coal, granite, and iron ore.

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